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Below are just some of the amazing things that customers have had to say after using our products. Click on the Title to read the full letter as PDF

Golf Testimonials

Adobe Creek National Golf Course

  • I’m now finishing up my eighteenth year as Superintendent for Adobe Creek National Golf Course in Fruita, Colorado. I’d never seen our course come out of the winter looking better than it did in the spring of 2009. Every year since I’ve been here the course has emerged from the winter with a sodium cast, but this year was different. The course was greener, thicker, and healthier due to Mountain High Water’s Oxygen, Ozone, and CO2 Gas Diffusion System.
  • We had over a $100,000 budget surplus because of Mountain High Waters System, see the chart below:


  • We completly eliminated the use of:    
      • Wetting Agents
      • Calcium Injection
      • Acid Injection
      • Organic Spread
      • Fungicide &
      • Lake Treatments
  • We also have a pH issue in our water that I’ve been battling for years, so I also wanted to use carbon dioxide because it lowers pH. The CO2 is delivered weekly or bi-monthly depending on the time of year; it is clean and easy and I can lower my pH from mid to high 8’s to under 7.

-Glen Manley, Golf Course Superintendent


The Country Club, at Castle Pines

  • Within the first week I began to notice a dramatic increase in water infiltration. This was observed while hand watering localized dry spots on tees. Prior to the ozone unit, when water was applied to these localized dry spots it would puddle and just sit there. Now, with ozone, it puddles and then dives down into the soil right before your eyes.
  • I also began to notice a gradual softening of our soil. .
  • With ozone in place, four to six weeks out I started seeing the top one inch of soil beginning to soften up.
  • In years past we would go through nearly $6,000 in surfactants for the tees alone and they would still be filled with localized dry spots. This year localized dry spots on the tees were almost nonexistent with no surfactants.
  • The elimination of these applications saved The Country Club nearly $5,500. The second area that we were able to save a significant amount of money was in the total reduction of water used for the year. We were able to reduce the amount of water used by nearly 10%, or just over eight million gallons, or $7,000.
  • Another area in which I believe we saved money this year would be in the reduction of labor hours used to hand water.

-Sean K. McCue, Golf Course Superintendent