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Reclaimed Water

The use of reclaimed water can cause many issues; the most notable is rapid algae growth and an anaerobic environment. With the use of our water enhancement systems these problems are eliminated and the quality is drastically improved.

Our Water Enhancement Systems Eliminate:

  • Lake Algae
  • Wet Well Algae
  • Sprinkler Head Algae

recycled-earthOzone (O3) has extremely high oxidation potential. A weaker bond between two of the oxygen atoms in the molecule allows an oxygen to release; it then attaches to pathogens such as bacteria. When this oxygen atom attaches to the organisms, it burns up the cell wall and other essential structural components, thus destroying the organism. O3 doesn’t kill algae or black layer, but by removing its food sources, fungi, spores, bacteria, and mold, the algae can’t survive. With the increased oxygen to water and soil, an aerobic environment is created.