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pH Control

We can also inject CO2 to lower pH, watch this video to see what Mountain High Water can do for you.

Our system is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, nonhazardous way to lower pH.

 High pH has a negative effect on growing medium, nutrient availability, and the effect of fertilizer.

The Science

  • Carbon dioxide is a gas which produces carbonic acid, a weak acid, when dissolved in water.
  • Carbonic acid is a mild acid present in water as H+ and HCO3, which are highly reactive ions.
  • The ions react immediately with alkalis such as caustic soda, sodium carbonate, and dissolved lime, turning them into neutral carbonates.

CO2 + H2O » H2CO3

H2CO3 + 2NaOH » Na2CO3 + 2H2O

H2CO3 + Na2CO3 » 2NaHCO3


One thing to note about using CO2 gas is it is an consumable, unlike ozone and oxygen that is produced on location.

Benefits of using CO2 gas to lower pH r:

  • Safe to use
  • Accuracy of regulation
  • Low maintenance system
  • Flexibility
  • Safe for the environment