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Golf & Turf

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When does your course look the best, after a rain storm?

Rainwater is charged with ozone and oxygen. Our system turns your irrigation water into rainwater and you can use it every single night.          

What are your biggest issues on your course with water and soil?

  • Bacteria & Algae?
  • Salts & Sodium?
  • No Percolation & Tight Soil?

What are you doing now to treat those issues and how much money are you spending on those treatments?

Mountain High Water can 100% eliminate those issues with the use of our Ozone and Oxygen Injection System.

How does Ozone and Oxygen treat your soil and turf?

Ozone will drastically increase percolation and flocculation; eliminate standing water and sodium build-up; and neutralize bicarbonates, salts and sodium. Just look at these two pictures of the same golf green. The picture on the left was taken before treatment, and the picture on the right was taken after 67 days of being treated with ozone and oxygen treated irrigation water.

The Science

Ozone will improve the health of your soil.  It chelates light metals such as calcium and iron, stopping bicarbonates from binding to them.  This makes these vital metals biologically available to your soil and turf.  It will increase your Calcium, Iron and Magnesium levels in your turf.

The added benefit of ozone chelating these light metals is the flocculation this creates. Flocculation is a process of contact and adhesion whereby the particles of a dispersion form larger-size clusters. In English, this just means the soil forms lumpy or fluffy masses that allow water and salts to leech through. And THAT’S how ozone increases your percolation and eliminates standing water.

University studies have shown that increased dissolved oxygen in your water will significantly increase root depth. As dissolved oxygen content increases, look how the roots on these tomato seedlings get longer!

Increase in dissolved oxygen has the same effect on root mass – just look at the increased thickness of these cucumber seedling roots! As you know, healthy, deeper roots allow for greater uptake of nutrients. You know what this means? You can use less fertilizer.

For comparison sake, let’s say a course aerates twice a year with ½” tines. This is good for your turf, of course, but this process is only getting oxygen to 10 of the surface aerated each time.

With our system, we are increasing the dissolved oxygen in your water by over 500% every time you water. So, imagine if you had the ability to see the effects of aerating your course wall-to-wall nightly.

How good do you think your turf would look then?

How does ozone and oxygen clean your water?

In your water, ozone will eliminate all types of algae and fungus , we’re talking bryzoan, protozoa or anything else.  It will also get rid of foul odors.

Ozone has been used for over 100 years to treat drinking water.  It’s time to bring this amazing technology to you!  The Environmental Protection Agency touts Ozone as the next big thing.  Ozone is 50 times stronger than chlorine and 3,000 times faster acting.

Our system creates Ozone ON-SITE at your facility, no more spending all your money on consumable products and chemicals that have to be replaced over and over again.

The Science

Ozone is the tri-atomic form of oxygen. When the third molecule breaks loose, it starts eating the cell wall of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and more.  

All foul odors are caused by bacteria, no more foul odors! 

All forms of algae feed on bacteria. We simply cut off their food source , no more algae!

To see how our system can pay for itself, use our cost calculator.
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