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Food Storage / Processing

Food processors worldwide are striving to become “Green” and “Environmentally Friendly.” Ozone is quickly becoming the method of choice when it comes to processing and equipment sanitation. Beyond its superior sanitation attributes, ozone is better for the environment and will reduce your operating costs.

Our products are in-use protecting potato growers in several states and onion growers, most notably, in Vidalia, Georgia. Ozone technology is currently utilized in cold storage facilities in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Wisconsin and Maine. Grapes and produce in California are also benefiting from the use of ozone in cold storage there.

We can customize the ozone system for your application, and all systems are backed by our professional service and warranty.


  • Produces no harmful chemical residuals
  • Uses environmentally friendly “green” technology.
  • Reduces operating cost by eliminating the need for hot water or steam
  • Employs a single rinse cycle which increases efficiency
  • When used properly, will destroy 99.99% of bacteria, molds, spores, yeast, mildew, fungus, and biofilms
  • Is 51% more effective than chlorine and 3,100 times faster
  • Leaves no residual taste or odor
  • Extends shelf life
  • Reduces or eliminates harsh chemical use
  • Is FDA approved and safe for direct food contact*
*Government Regulatory Acceptance FDA/CFSAN – June 26, 2001 – Final Rule published in Federal Register (21 CFR Part 173, Docket No. 00F-1482) “The FDA amends the food additive regulations to provide for the safe use of ozone in gaseous and aqueous phase as an anti-microbial agent on food, including meat and poultry.” USDA/FSIS – USDA/National Organic Program (NOP) Ozone is listed in the NOP Final Rule (Subsection 205.605 (b) (20) pg. 437 – Nonagricultural (non organic) substances allowed as ingredients in or on processed products labeled as “organic” or made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)).(b) Synthetics allowed: (20) ozone click here for our ozone representitives