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Animal Enhancement

Mountain High Water takes the best diffusion systems in the world and combines them with the best ozone generators in the world. By doing this, our consumer gets the best end result. Read on to find out the benefits and savings our system can provide for you.

Advantages of Mountain High Water’s Diffusion System for Animals:


  • Improves overall water quality without any chemicals
  • Improves performance and recovery time during races and training
  • Animals prefer the taste and therefore consume more water
  • Transforms anaerobic water into aerobic water
  • Low power consumption


The Diffusion System we use is designed to increase dissolved oxygen levels up to 500% above supersaturation. Highly dissolved oxygen remains stable in the solution for extended periods of time, allowing the animals time to consume the oxygen-enriched water. The increase in oxygen also promotes the intake and absorption of vitamins and special supplements supplied to the animals by their trainers or veterinarians. Increased dissolved oxygen creates an aerobic environment, promoting cleaner water so the animals will prefer the taste and consume more water, aiding in existing vitamin programs and hydration.

Water Purification

Reverse osmosis, also referred to as hyperfiltration, is a well know filtration system which can be adapted to the Mountain High Water Oxygenation System as an option. This process allows the removal of particles as small as ions from a solution. Our Reverse Osmosis Filter purifies water, removing salts and other impurities in order to improve the color, taste or properties of the fluid, producing water that meets the most demanding specifications. If your water source contains large amounts of chemicals and minerals, this water purification option is a must.


Mountain High Water’s Ozone Diffusion System is designed to sterilize untreated water sources. Utilizing intense ozonation, the Ozone Diffusion System oxidizes and kills bacteria, algae, and fungi found in untreated sources. Ozonation can be added as an option to our Diffusion System, giving operators the freedom to use any type of water, including effluent, when sources become scarce. Moreover, this revolutionary system works without harmful chemicals, producing only water, oxygen, and carbon as byproducts.