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Our Mission:

With a mission to help customers cut costs and stop using chemicals, Mountain High Water sells, installs, and services water and soil enhancement systems. Using cutting edge technology, Mountain High Water’s systems create and diffuse such gases as ozone, carbon dioxide, and oxygen into irrigation water. Our process eliminates bacteria, bicarbonates, and algae, while lowering pH and increasing dissolved oxygen. This creates clean, aerobic irrigation water, with an end-result of healthy turf. Other applications include: Waste Water, Greenhouses, Aquatic, Food Storage, Cooling Towers, and many others.


Mountain High Water and/or it employees are proud members of the following Associations:

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (national)

National Golf Course Owners Association (national)

International Ozone Association (international)

Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association (Colorado/Wyoming)

Cactus & Pine Golf Course Superintendents Association (Arizona)

Rio Grande Golf Course Superintendents Association (New Mexico/Texas)

Golf Course Superintendents Association of Southern California

Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association


About Mountain High Water:

Mountain High Water works with over a dozen manufactures to create a custom turn-key systo fit each customers indivisual needs. Read on to discover how Mountain High Water President Don Lease, with his 29 years experience in the golf industry, can help you solve your water woes.

Our golf course superintendents, managers, owners and other clients requiring expert assistance with the improvement of the quality of water in-use for large turf grass areas, holding ponds, and tree nurseries, Don Lease offers a background of related expertise in this industry. For more than 27 years he applied himself to every aspect of turf grass management at Hyland Hills Golf Course, one of the largest golf facilities in Colorado, through the design, installation, management and maintenance of irrigation systems, drainage systems, pump stations, holding ponds, irrigation canals, deep wells, and shallow wells.

He co-founded Mountain High Water in December 2005 after working for four years with applications of injecting ozone gases into golf course irrigation systems, holding ponds, and a waste water recycling system. One of the main incentives for starting the business was the excitement of a “green” product that enhances water and soil while saving its users money. Mountain High Water is a company with a focus on water-related services such as:

  • Treatment of existing water using ozone, CO2, and O2.
  • Treatment of reclaimed water for turf grass irrigation using ozone, CO2, and O2.
  • Treatment of reclaimed water in holding ponds using ozone, CO2, and O2.
  • Reclamation of waste water from equipment cleaning facilities using ozone, CO2, and O2.
  • Reclamation of waste water from septic system using ozone, CO2, and O2.
  • Soil enhancement using ozone, CO2, and O2.

Don holds a degree in Turf Grass Management and is a member of The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association, United States Golf Association, International Society of Arboriculture, Rocky Mountain Arboriculture Chapter, Associated Landscaped Contractors of Colorado. He is also a State of Colorado Licensed Pesticide Supervisor.