Rocky Mountain Regional Turfgrass Conference & Trade Show, December 8-10

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Mountain High Water would like announce that we will be attending The Rocky Mountain Regional Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show being held December 8-10, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza DIA, I-70 & Chambers in Denver. Come see us at our booth and find out what Mountain High Water can do for you.


Do you have:

poor drainage?

standing water on your turf?

black layer algae?

sodium crust?

bicarbonate build-up in your soil?


Has your turf been destroyed by poor water quality?


Does your turf look less than perfect?


Mountain High Water will turn your turf into championship quality, using our ozone, oxygen, and CO2 diffusion system.


Do you want to eliminate turf, water, and soil troubles while saving money?


Without any chemicals or additives, our system treats your water to produce the same effects as aeration, calcium and acids injection, algaecide, wetting agents, sulfur burning, and other classic water and turf practices.


The difference is Mountain High Water creates oxygen and ozone on-site, so there are no additional products needed.  Unlike the other turf treatments you might currently employ, with our system there is no risk of chemical harm to the turf or other expenses, inconveniences, and dangers that go along with storing and using chemicals.  And, our system works with all types of water, whether it is well, reclaimed, city, or brackish.


Installed at your pump station, our system creates the gases and then converts them into micro bubbles which are injected directly into your main line.  This process is used nightly in conjunction with your usual irrigation schedule.  You can actually see the improvement every morning, just like after a rain storm.


Mountain High Water offers full-service water and soil treatment with a single, simple, automated system. 


Are your lakes full of Algae?


Are you using your budget on algaecide, copper sulfate, or chlorine, monthly, with only temporary results?


Mountain High Water will turn your lake into crystal clear water, without using any chemicals.


Do your sprinkler heads have algae in them too?


Mountain High Water’s systems will eliminate sprinkler head algae. 


Do you want to know how we do it?


We use ozone & oxygen gas. Ozone is the tri-atomic form of oxygen. When the third molecule breaks loose, it starts eating the cell wall of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and more. Without bacteria, algae and fungus cannot survive.


Ozone eliminates all bacteria in the irrigation water. So, clean, non-contaminated water is being used for irrigation.


Ozone is 50 times more powerful and over 3,000 times faster-acting than chlorine bleach.


Ozone gas offers the following advantages:

  • Eliminates algae
  • Eliminates black layer
  • Eliminates Bryozoan
  • Eliminates foul odors
  • Kills fungus & bacteria


Ozone will chelate light metals such as calcium and iron, stopping bicarbonates from binding to them.  This makes these vital metals biologically available to your soil and turf.


We also diffuse pure oxygen, increasing the dissolved oxygen in your water by up to 400%, thereby creating an aerobic environment.


Oxygen injection offers the following advantages:

  • Allows greater percolation
  • Increases root depth
  • Adds oxygen to soil
  • Reduces aeration


When the turf is irrigated with highly oxygenated water it releases positively charged ions such as calcium in the soil. This will lower your soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity, creating increased percolation, eliminating sodium crust, and allowing salts to leech through.  High levels of dissolved oxygen in soil will also increase root growth and stop clay expansion.


With standard mechanical aeration, the removal of plugs allows oxygen to get into soil and helps to lower compaction.


Essentially, we are intensely aerating your turf using your irrigation water. Mechanical aeration only allows 10% of your soil to get more oxygen. Our system allows 100% of your turf & soil to get more oxygen daily.


The combination of light metals being chelated, increased percolation, and increased oxygen benefits the root zone immensely. It increases root density, depth, and health. When your roots absorb nutrients better, you can use less fertilizer.


According to industry experts, increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in water is beneficial to the root zone. The following advantages can be expected:

  • Better root health, which will promote better absorption of nutrients
  • Reduced incidence of diseases
  • Better plant quality


We can also inject CO2 to lower pH, with the following benefits:

  • Safe to use
  • Accuracy of regulation
  • Low maintenance system
  • Flexibility
  • Safe for the environment


Do you want to know how it works?

  • Carbon dioxide is a gas which produces carbonic acid, a weak acid, when dissolved in water.

CO2+H2O => H2CO3


  • Carbonic acid is a mild acid present in water as H+ and HCO3-, which are highly reactive ions.


  • The ions react immediately with alkalis such as caustic soda, sodium carbonate, and dissolved lime, turning them into neutral carbonates and bicarbonate salts.


H2CO3 + 2NaOH => Na2CO3 + 2H2O


H2CO3 + Na2CO3   => 2NaHCO3